Geoffrey Sampson


Evolutionary Language Understanding

by Geoffrey Sampson

An account of a research programme initiated by one university teacher working with a small home microcomputer in his spare time, which turned into a project sponsored for hundreds of thousands of pounds by bodies such as the UK Engineering & Physical Science Research Council and the Ministry of Defence.

Evolutionary Language Understanding describes an “annealing parser” system which tries to let computers understand English by evolving interpretations through random trial and error, as living species evolve in Nature.

Some critical comment:

This is a fascinating human story, told with a clear and precise technical account ... Students of AI, and engineers interested in the future of computing, should enjoy this fascinating book.

197 pp.

Originally published by Cassell (London), 1996, and now by Bloomsbury Publishing of London, Sydney, New York, and New Delhi.

ISBN (hardback) 978-1-4742-4644-6; (PDF e-book) 978-1-4742-4643-9.

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Geoffrey Sampson

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