Geoffrey Sampson


Perl for Beginners

by Geoffrey Sampson


Perl is currently one of the most popular of all programming languages. It is in heavy demand by employers, and people find it easy to use and fun to work with. Perl is specially good for manipulating text files, making it a valuable tool for website management, for instance.

This brief Perl textbook is available for anyone to download and print off, freely and anonymously, under a novel publishing approach financed through adverts by companies hoping to recruit graduates.

As the publisher says: “Why pay for books when you can download for free?”

Perl for Beginners is intended for readers who are new to Perl and have perhaps never programmed in any language. Rather than confusing readers by showing them everything at once, the book focuses on the basic core of the language; it leads absolute beginners gently to a point where they know enough Perl to achieve a wide range of practical programming tasks.

A final chapter gives signposts towards further aspects of the language which readers might want to move on to, after they have used this book to build up their confidence with core Perl.

Some critical comment:

A good introduction to people who want to automate some tasks in text processing or pattern matching, this book may serve as a jumping board into the world of programming … it is written in a nicely colloquial style and works on handy examples.
— Kai Weber, on Goodreads

120 pp.

Published online and free to readers under the “BookBoon” imprint by Ventus of Denmark — claimed to be the biggest e-book publisher in the world. For international third-party comments on BookBoon’s novel model of textbook publishing, see e.g. write-ups on the sites of The Daily Maverick or Campus Technology.

ISBN 978-87-7681-623-0

Geoffrey Sampson

last changed 7 Dec 2020