Geoffrey Sampson


Book Reviews: Grammar

Review of The Integration of Language and Society, ed. by Alexandra Aikhenvald & R.M.W. Dixon, Linguist List 33.3591, 2022.

Review of Proto-Indo-European Syntax and its Development ed. by Leonid Kulikov & Nikolaos Lavidas, Linguist List 27.675, 2016.

Review of Measuring Grammatical Complexity ed. by Frederick Newmeyer & Laurel Preston, Linguist List 26.2028, 2015.

Review of Explaining Syntax by P.W. Culicover, Linguist List 25.4836, 2014.

Review of The Handbook of Morphology, ed. by Spencer & Zwicky, Times Higher Education Supplement, 5.3.1999, p. 20.

Review of Case by B. Blake, Natural Language Engineering 2.189–90, 1996.

Review of The Nature of Syntactic Representation, ed. by Pauline Jacobson & G.K. Pullum, Lingua 64.371–7, 1984.

Review of Arc Pair Grammar, ed. by D.E. Johnson & P.M. Postal, Journal of Literary Semantics 9.120–3, 1982.

Review of Applicational Grammar ... by S.K. Shaumyan, Journal of Linguistics 14.334–8, 1978.

Review of Acceptability in Language, ed. by S. Greenbaum, Journal of Linguistics 15.126–32, 1979.

Review of The Transformational–Generative Paradigm and Modern Linguistic Theory, ed. by E.F.K. Koerner, Language 52.961–6, 1976.

Review of Studies on Semantics in Generative Grammar by Noam Chomsky, Journal of Literary Semantics 4.103–9, 1976.

Review of The Grammar of Case by J.M. Anderson, Journal of Literary Semantics 1.116–18, 1972.

Review of The Study of Syntax by D.T. Langendoen, Journal of Linguistics 6.267–77, 1970.

Geoffrey Sampson

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