Geoffrey Sampson


Book Reviews: Writing Skills and Writing Systems

Review of The Language of the English Street Sign by Vivian Cook, Linguist List 33.2244, 2022.

Review of Scripts Beyond Borders: a Survey of Allographic Traditions in the Euro-Mediterranean World, ed. by Johannes den Heijer, Andrea Schmidt, and Tamara Pataridze, Linguist List 26.3115, 2015.

Review of How Children Learn to Write Words by Rebecca Treiman and Brett Kessler, Linguist List 26.1067, 2015.

Review of Spelling Trouble? Language, Ideology and the Reform of German Orthography by Sally Johnson, Linguist List 16.1737, 2005.

Review of Writing Systems by Henry Rogers, and Writing Systems by Florian Coulmas, commissioned by the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. (They asked me to write this review but so far as I can make out they never printed it, I don’t know why not.)

Review of Learning to Read and Write by Harris and Hatano, Times Higher Education Supplement, 18.8.2000, p. 25.

Review of The Linguistics of Punctuation by Geoffrey Nunberg, Linguistics 30.467–75, 1992.

Review of The Interface Between the Written and the Oral by Jack Goody, Quinquereme 11.198–200, 1988.

Review of The Writing Systems of the World by F. Coulmas, Journal of Linguistics 26.275–6, 1990.

Geoffrey Sampson

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