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散 復 生

── 這雙姓名是我最初中文老師取的。 周文王有「四友」, 一位是散宜生。①  第 21 世紀姓散的, 或許只有我 !

①『惟文王, 尙克修 和我有夏, 亦惟 有若 … 散 宜 生 … 無能往來, 兹迪 彝教, 文王蔑德 降于國人。』 尙書 5.16 (君奭), 12–13。

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Accept No Substitutes!

In 2019 I heard that a Chinese firm is registering and a bunch of other .cn and .asia domain names beginning grsampson. I don’t know what they plan to do with them: nothing good, I’m sure. Perhaps they think they can sell me the domain names so I can use them to market my goods to the Chinese. If so they are out of luck: as a retired university prof, I don’t go in for exporting (unless ideas count). But perhaps they plan to carry out some nefarious activity while pretending to be me. Should that be the case, please be aware that my only internet domain name is, with .net as top-level domain. I can take no responsibility for actions of anyone hiding behind fake Geoff Sampson domain names.

Geoffrey Sampson

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