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Hello! Summarizing myself in a few words, I am:

Looking back at a career which began in the late 1960s, I see my central themes as being: to expose the wrong-headedness of a view of human nature that has permeated the academic world during my lifetime and which sees Mankind as far lesser creatures than we are (see the topics “freedom and creativity” and “language and the human mind” in my intellectual contributions page); and, to make as transparent as possible to 21st-century English-speakers a literary monument which is one of the earliest windows the world has onto the thoughts and feelings of human beings in an ancient, distant society.

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散 復 生

── 這雙姓名是我最初中文老師取的。 周文王有「四友」, 一位是散宜生。①  第 21 世紀姓散的, 或許只有我 !

①『惟文王, 尙克修 和我有夏, 亦惟 有若 … 散 宜 生 … 無能往來, 兹迪 彝教, 文王蔑德 降于國人。』 尙書 5.16 (君奭), 12–13。

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